#1 Berlin: Long time no see

4. sep. 2017

Hi Love, 

I haven't been to Berlin for awhile and I almost forgot the city's charme. 
I have a special someone I would love to show the city to. 
Maybe someday.  

Already planning the next trip to Berlin this coming winter, 
please leave recommendation if there's some nice places I shouldn't miss! 

Wiedersehen Love

Nice: French Rivera Paradise

1. sep. 2017

Hi Love, 

This was a unplanned detour for my friend and I. We didn't plan to go anywhere beachy. I didn't even bring a bikini with me so I had to go into a store and buy a entire new set - not even in my size because they were ripped off. What can you expect during the summer time in Nice? 

The beach was quite lovely and the city more so. The colours around town was in light pastel and boy oh boy I do love a lovely pastel pink.

I found a really nice Vegan restaurant that just recently opened while I was there. The community is so amazing and I do love how supportive people are when it's know that you're vegan. Vegan Gorilla is where I had my first vegan sushi bowl and wow, that changed my life. Even my meat-eating friend really enjoyed it too! The owner there was so amazing and lovely. She recommended me KOKO Green for breakfast and wow. Go there! Another thing she recommended me while I was in Nice was to try Socca - a crêpe made of chickpeas.

Sadly I don't have any pictures because I simply couldn't contain myself and ate the food before I could get a good picture of the meal.

While you're there. Just enjoy! You're in France. 
French people, how envious you make me.

#2 Vienna: Places to eat in Vienna

26. jul. 2017

Hi Love, 

I love exploring new places in Vienna and when there I make sure to always try to try something new. But a place I keep coming back to is Veganista, a vegan ice-cream chain that offers the best ice-creams in town. If you ever find yourself in one of the many stores they have, try the poppy seeds! So special and interesting while very delicious. 
I myself cannot wait to come back there and get another three scoops of wonderfulness. Their chocolate ice-cream is divine too! So rich and smooth. Gosh, I could go one for ever.  
Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Wien, Austria
1050, Margaretenstraße 51, 1050 Wien, Austria
Taborstraße 15, 1020 Wien, Austria

Swing Kitchen is the typical American Burger place, but vegan. The place has a lovely atmosphere and you always see a lot of people in there. Their fries are a must and when you're there, please don't cheat yourself, order a menu and get a soda. Worth it. 
Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 Wien, Austria

Formosa Food is a place my Austrian friend and I found by chance. We were on our way to the Phil café and somehow, this little restaurant stops us on our way and we had to go in there to explore. The place is hidden, on the side to Mariahilferstrasse. The people in there are so nice and cute - please do try to give them a visit.  
Barnabitengasse 6, 1060 Wien, Austria

Simple Raw Bakery and Bistro has a very special place in my heart. On my first trip to Vienna on my interrail-trip, I went here every single day to eat a proper breakfast. The place was perfect for gluten & lactose intolerant people like my friend and me. 
I absolutely love their Acai bowl, the musli is amazing and their coffee is lovely. 
If you're only on for a small treat please do come here. They're a bakery, their cakes are beautiful, sweet and made with a lot of love. 
Drahtgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Talk to you soon love.


Hi Love, 
Last month I went to Ericeira in Portugal as a mini-vacay before I had to meet up with a friend from my volunteering time in Vietnam. 

There's not much to do in Ericeira other than surfing - or, that's what people would like to think. Other then the awesome surfing community and atmosphere there's the city centre, the beaches and well the night life isn't bad either. 

What I loved about Ericeira was the blue colours around town. It reminded me a lot of Greece, Santorini and the other small island with the white and blue themes.
( which I of cause forgot to take any pictures of)

If you do go to Ericeira, go for a walk along the beaches to the city centre. In the morning go for a few hours of surfing while the waves are still good. For dinner time, go for some of the amazing seafood there if you're into that. Portugal is definitely known for their sea-food and well, why not when in Portugal.

It's worth a visit. You won't regret it. 

#3 Vienna: Museums to see

24. jul. 2017

Hi Love, 

Again, I will try to gush my love for Vienna at the bare minimum but the city is really absolutely beautiful and romantic. 

Vienna is known for its history and art. Hello, Mozart! So if you can, go to the 'Theater an der Wien' and hear a opera if you're into that. While I was there the last time in February I heard Peer Gynt and the entire show was amazing!

There's also a lot of museums you can explore and see while in Vienna. I mean, they have a Museum Quartier! What is there not to love. After four times there I have yet gone through every Museum yet.   If you're planning to go and see a lot of the attraction while there I would recommend you to buy a Vienna Card, so the attractions can become cheaper if you're not a student the entry tickets can quickly run up.

Leopold Museum: Is one of my favourite. probably because it was here I was first introduced to Egon Schiele and his art work. The colours are done in such a genius way that you cannot stop looking at them. The museum house one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art, featuring artists such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Richard Gerstl.

Albertina: This place is beautiful and very accessible place in the inner Stadt of Vienna. Beware a lot of tourists and artsy Viennese people is to be seen there. Not long ago they had the most stunning collection of Monet housed in the museum that I have ever seen.  

Belvedere Palace: is the perfect picnic place and are really recommended. Their gardens are beautiful and lovely and the atmosphere couldn't be better. Do not cheat yourself from seeing it, that would be a mistake! Last I was there they still had the exhibition from Ai Weiwei from the 21-haus outside around the springs. It's close to 21-haus where they usually do a lot of post-modern art exhibition. 

Schönbrunn Palace: It's called mini Versailles. Do I need to say more? Go there for the gardens, go there for the mini hike to the view point over the city. Just do it. Inside there's featured many art pieces from Austria's Great Rise. 

#1 Vienna

19. jul. 2017

'MUseum MOderner Kunst' at the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria.
Hi love, 
A city I keep coming back to is Vienna. Vienna has everything I thought Paris would be. The city is so charming especially during the summer where you can picnic or even nap in the many parks around town, even at the Museum's Quarter in District 7 - which is one of my personal favourite districts. I'm so lucky to have a lovely Austrian friend who introduced me to all the great places. I'm going there soon again and I cannot wait.  

Hanoi #5 Bar Betta

13. feb. 2017

Hi Love
This is a little tip to you who is going to Hanoi, for expats, travellers or just Vietnamese who haven't heard about it yet which would be unlikely.
Bar Bettas is the best place to chill and hang out with friends. This place is really good for travellers and very international with people from all over the world. Expats, volunteers, locals and backpackers. A place for everyone. 

Their decor is out if this world and every Wednesday and Sunday if I remember correctly, there's free Hanoi Bia. The beer is quite popular among the Vietnamese and travellers because of its cheapness. Sometimes beer is cheaper than water even. 

Hope you're well, 
Talk to you soon.

Ha Long Bay

9. feb. 2017

Hi Love 
 My trip to where the dragons fly down, Ha Long Bay was beautiful and wonderful! I cannot praise this place enough! I fell so much in love with this place that I went back three times, three times in three months. That's once a month!
 In Halong, we had the opportunity to go to Titov island to swim and enjoy ourselves for a bit. This bit was a bit rushed but that was okay. 
 We also had an option to go kayaking and there we saw some monkeys - if you think they were cute you're quite wrong. They were actually scary and angry - had a really bad temper all of them. ⠀

This was the view we had before it went dark. I went to bed seeing this and woke up to this view. Docking here was something I never thought I would experience - so beautiful, so worth everything. 

Hanoi #4 Manzi Art Gallery

6. feb. 2017

Hi Love
Today I want to talk about Manzi Art Gallery
Housed in an elegant turn of the 20th-century French villa with a shady yard. This place is so lovely and you can't stop yourself from loving what they're doing. They have art exhibitions, talks, workshops, book introductions, movie screenings, music and dance performances, Manzi's mission is to promote contemporary arts, build new audiences, inspire critical thinking and nurture a culture of debate.  
If you ever in the area - take a look or use it as an escape from the sun. You won't regret it.  
Do you know the Paul Smith Pink wall in LA? Try the Grey-Yellow wall at Manzi's

I saw these all over Asia and I love it so much! Make use of them and enjoy books other had enjoyed and let other enjoy the books you enjoyed. 
“So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa

Hope You're Well
Talk to you soon.

Hanoi #3 Flower Market

2. feb. 2017

Hi Love!

Hanoi's flower market is something worth seeing if you can. - if you can stay up for it. 
This is primarily a commercial market, supplying all the floral shops and roving flower vendors for the city of Hanoi. 
 But still, at 5. am they really just want to get rid of the products that are left and if you aren't there to buy flowers looking is free. 
After staying in Hanoi for a while and having heard about this market out of all the markets there is in Hanoi I felt like it was time to see it for myself. So I did, after a night out with the volunteers. 
 The stalls are at their peak in the middle of the night. I will recommend you to go there after a night out. 
 'Kill two birds with one stone.'  

Hope you're well
Talk to you soon.

Hanoi #2 Cong Caphe

31. jan. 2017

Hi Loves

Vietnam has a really big coffee, cafe culture and there are so many cute cafes you can try - check out Hanoi Hideaway and you will know what I mean. But a place that never let you down is Cong Caphe. It's a chain but still - it's amazing

Cong Caphe is quite popular in Vietnam and I understand why - the interior is amazing and the drinks better. Cong Caphe coconut coffee is out of this world. I made everyone I know and have meet during my travels to try it out. 

Hope you're well. 
See you soon!

Sa Pa #2

27. jan. 2017

Hi love!
I'm spamming you with pictures from Sa Pa! Look at it like a photo diary. 

 The people in Sa Pa wears iron chains as a way to keep the evil away. Here you see two boys wearing it.

 The landscape is beautiful - do I need to say more? 
 Our second guide Mama Mao was a amazing guide with a lot of fun humor. She was something you can't describe - go to Vietnam and meet her. She's amazing!
See you soon!

Sa Pa #1

25. jan. 2017

Hi love!
One of my first travels in Vietnam was Sa Pa in the northern Vietnam. We went up to the mountains so we could trek and enjoy the view before it got too hot. 
This was our guide for the first day, she didn't knew a lot of English but from what I could understand she began guiding tourist like me just a few months before she had our group.

We took the night bus from Hanoi to Sa Pa and was there at 6 am. the next day. 

The minority women were there to guide ud through the woods and mountain area.

They're quite known for the clothing and their own language, very different from the Vietnamese people in the town is known to speak.

The landscape is out of this world and I know there's a lot of beautiful places in the world but this one of those places that's still untouched.

Hanoi #1

22. jan. 2017

Hi Love! 
Long time no see, I haven't had the time to blog while traveling but I'm back now and really want to share my experience with you guys. 

I went to Vietnam part as a volunteer and part as a tourist for summer holiday with my family. 

I choose to be a English teacher at the university at HUNRE and that was lovely. 

However the biggest memory I will remember always was the people I have meet and planning to see very soon from all around the world 

I'm going to post a lot from Hanoi because it was my city for a while. A place I lived and knew and miss every single day. I will come back someday! 

See you soon